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BEST. EXERCISE. EVER. I’m not sure if Clubbercise is a local/national/international thing but go check, because of there is a Clubbercise class near you then you should be doing it. Well, if aerobic based exercise is your thing you should be doing it.

I have never got on with any form of aerobics class previously as co-ordination is not a strong point. This however was a bit more ‘dance’ based which helped. You’re in a darker room with club lights which helps, as you don’t feel as exposed if you’re going wrong all the time, 90s dance music (with a bit of modern thrown in – but we all know that 90s dance is best right?) and glow sticks. That’s right glow sticks. What more could you want from an exercise class?!

I did get the glow stick tangled in my hair once, I think during Rhythm Is A Dancer (classic) and had to tighten the strap for fear of stick-wanging, but having them in my hand really helped as I didn’t have that whole ‘what are my hands/limbs doing’ feeling that I have had previously.

Here the main site so go check and go. Guaranteed happy sweaty face afterwards.